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Types of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Offenses

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is a criminal offense in most countries including the United States of driving while having high levels of Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), or under the effects of drugs. Depending upon jurisdiction, DUI may also be referred to as Driving Under Intense Influence (DUII), Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), Operating Under Influence (OUI), Operating While Intoxicated (OWI), or Operating a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated (OMVI) among other similar terms. This law does not only apply to cars. It also applies to motorcycles, bikes, boats, airplanes, tractors, and even horse driven vehicles—pretty much every vehicle there is.  The weight of the charges for this criminal offense may also depend on the kind of vehicle that was operated while being intoxicated.

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Why DUI Attorneys in Sarasota Think Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Laws are Important

1.       A drink of alcohol takes an hour to metabolize. 1 out of 10 high school students drive while drunk and 1 out of 4 ride with a drunk driver.

2.       For ages 15-20, drunk driving is the leading cause of death.

3.       In 2008, 32% of traffic-related deaths are attributed to drunk driving.

4.       3,940 lives were saved between the years 2005-2009 because of minimum age drinking laws.

5.       75% of drunk drivers killed were not wearing their seat belts.

Types of Driving Under Influence (DUI) Offenses

There are several DUI offenses; here are the three DUI offenses applicable to all states:

1.     Misdemeanor DUI

This is the least serious type of DUI offense and is recognized by all states of the USA. Any DUI attorney in Sarasota will explain to you that the charge applies when no aggravating factors are present such as causing harm or accident to others because of driving under influence of alcohol or drugs. Most likely, this will be the first time a driver commits a DUI offense. Punishment may include fines, confiscation of driver’s license, counseling, and/or probation depending on the severity of the commission of the offense.


2.     Felony DUI

Felony DUI is also recognized by all states. This offense is committed when intoxicated drivers caused harm or risk to others. Suspension of driver’s license, bigger fines, probation, and even a time in jail may be the punishment for this DUI offense. Vehicles used may also be impounded. Victims can file law suits against the intoxicated drivers. Felony DUI offenders may be subjected to compensate for the physical and emotional suffering of the victims, and other damages.


3.     Vehicular Manslaughter or Murder Charges

The worst type of DUI offense recognized by all states of America is Vehicular Manslaughter wherein someone dies because of the driving under influence or driving while being intoxicated by either alcohol or drugs that has caused the driver impairment.

The driver is not less culpable even if he or she was intoxicated. In some states, moral culpability of drivers is increased. Offenders’ licenses are revoked, they must pay large fines, their vehicles shall be impounded, and they shall serve a time inside prison for a period depending on the severity of the offense.

A wrongful death law suit may be filed by the family of the deceased against the DUI offender. Compensation for pain and suffering aside from other damages may be charged to the DUI offender.

When the driver is involved in an accident, the officers will conduct an investigation. Different types of DUI offense may be charged if the driver is found out to be intoxicated after some tests. Even without accidents, checkpoints will check if drivers are able to drive and are not impaired so as to prevent further accidents. Officers may also pull drivers because of other reasonable suspicions.

The officer will typically ask preliminary questions. Odor of alcohol inside the vehicle will be noted along with driver’s slurred speech, watery and reddish eyes, flushed face, droopy eyelids, and other suspicious acts. Field Sobriety Tests may also be given.

Driving under the influence is dangerous to you and other people. Every DUI attorney in Sarasota will urge you to not drive while drunk or high. Aside from the fear of being charged with different types of DUI offenses and suffering the punishment, do it for your own safety.



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